For the past couple of years we have been hearing, from our CableOne Business Rep Clinton Black, that Gigabit internet speeds were coming to Dyersburg. Well we just got word today that Gigabit will launch in Dyersburg in 2016. The impact of this for Dyersburg and Dyer County is huge. For reference, Gigabit internet is actually 1,000 Mbps (Megabits Per Second.) Compare that to ATT DSL at 5 Mbps and you quickly see that Gigabit is 200 times faster than DSL. CableOne has already increased speeds to a hefty 200 Mbps - which is now available. They put out a website today that provides a little more info. GigaOne.Com

2015 Business Expo - Mobile-Friendly GiveawayThe Lannom Center in Dyersburg, TN was host to the 2015 Business Expo on Thursday, May 14th. The event is an annual event organized by the Dyersburg / Dyer County Chamber of Commerce and draws businesses from the Northwest Tennessee region and beyond. According to Hannah Caylor, Membership Director for The Chamber, there were 60 vendors at this year's event with many businesses left on a waiting list to exhibit. The event was also very well attended by the general public and business owners throughout the region. 

happy birthday tencomOn April 5th, 2002 a domain name was born and we called it Tencom.Net. As with most tech companies the domain name is usually the one thing your can hang your hat on as the beginning of the company. And so it was born.

Now 13 years old, Tencom.Net is a teenager and we couldn't be prouder of it. It's had a lot of growing pains, struggles with its identity and self confidence and even had a few awkward years - we're still trying to forget the cell phone venture but that's another story.

3d printing atthecoWe recently spent a couple of evenings at TheCo, which is a relatively new coworking/makerspace in Jackson, TN, learning the basics of 3D printing. Austin Thompson and Kevin Adelsberger, Co:Members of TheCo as they say, guided us through the basics of operating the MakerBot 3D printer and gave us a tour of Thingiverse, which is an online collection of anything you could imagine to print.

Jen Cole of the Metro Nashville Arts Commission speaks with members of The Skillery coworking space in Nashville, TNMost work environments these days leave a lot to be desired, especially when it comes to meeting new and interesting people. In the IT world we tend to stay locked behind our access controlled doors and guard our information as if someone is about to bust down the door and demand the FTP password to our client's cupcake bar website.

In the past few years we've been looking for a more open and collaborative environment in which to work. A place with energy to it while remaining conducive to creative work. We have found just that in The Skillery, a new take on communal office space, that opened in Nashville in 2014.

The Skillery started out as a facilitator for small group classes on topics ranging from photography to letterpress printing to square foot gardening and has evolved into a crossroads of all things creative and interesting in Nashville including a weekly "Office Hours" roundtable discussion with someone from the Nashville business or creative world. How many places can you work that bring in interesting people to talk to you? Not many.