dyer county gearheads bannerIt often surprises our tech and web clients when they see some of our print projects but we've been doing graphic design and print projects for years. We regularly work on projects such as; brochures, business cards, postcards, tradeshow and popup banners and any other type of projects that will compliment our client's web marketing material.

Jen Cole of the Metro Nashville Arts Commission speaks with members of The Skillery coworking space in Nashville, TNMost work environments these days leave a lot to be desired, especially when it comes to meeting new and interesting people. In the IT world we tend to stay locked behind our access controlled doors and guard our information as if someone is about to bust down the door and demand the FTP password to our client's cupcake bar website.

In the past few years we've been looking for a more open and collaborative environment in which to work. A place with energy to it while remaining conducive to creative work. We have found just that in The Skillery, a new take on communal office space, that opened in Nashville in 2014.

The Skillery started out as a facilitator for small group classes on topics ranging from photography to letterpress printing to square foot gardening and has evolved into a crossroads of all things creative and interesting in Nashville including a weekly "Office Hours" roundtable discussion with someone from the Nashville business or creative world. How many places can you work that bring in interesting people to talk to you? Not many.

Tencom Services building in Dyersburg, TNAfter twelve years and many lease renewals we finally made the move and purchased a new office condo unit in Dyersburg. Come by and see us at 575 Mall Blvd, Suite L-1, Dyersburg, TN 38024.

Video slideshow used to announce the launch of the new DyerChamber.Com economic development website at the Annual Membership Matters lunchen at the Dyersburg Dyer County Chamber of Commerce in August 2014.

Video slideshow we put together for the 2104 Dyersburg / Dyer County Chamber of Commerce Business Expo in Dyersburg, TN