Faster Resolution to Computer Issues

Question: You are on the other end of the state. How can you help me with my computers?

We love interacting with our clients face to face; however, most clients just need to get their systems repaired in order to continue their work. When possible, we like to visit our clients to make sure the systems are on track and working correctly.

By utilizing our remote management support tools, we are capable of repairing majority of computer problems remotely without going onsite. In the event that the remote support does not work, we offer quick turnaround depot computer repair service.

What is Depot Computer Repair Service?

For our Managed IT Services clients, we are capable of sending loaner computers out on the same day that your computer stops operating. When you receive the loaner or new unit, you place the broken unit in the box and return it to Tencom. Then we will assess the damage and get your computer repaired as fast as possible. We can repair most issues and have your computer back in a few days.

Okay, I'm Interested in Managed IT Services from Tencom. What's Next?

All you have to do is give us a call at 731.288.8000 and we will setup a brief telephone consultation. We are believers in win-win relationships, and we look forward to partnering with clients that require our help.